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Target Says It Will Move Away From Using Gender-Based Signs

Target Says It Will Move Away From Using Gender-Based Signs
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Target Says It Will Move Away From Using Gender-Based Signs

In its recent blog entry, Target had said that the company takes pride in being able to organize their store efficiently so that shoppers of all ages can readily buy anything for themselves or buy anything for someone else. This was the idea behind the utilization of signage throughout the store that help sort Target’s many products by age, brand and gender. Now, Target agrees that perhaps sorting everything this way is quite “unnecessary.”

They have realized that in some cases such as apparel, it makes complete sense to sort by age and gender to help the shoppers look for what they need better. But for other items, there may be no need to do the same thing.

So now, Target says they have teams working hard to figure out, which product areas in store will need less sorting than others, especially when it comes to gender. They are hoping to “phase-out” some of them for certain products such as beddings, toys and entertainment. At the same time, Target says the company will also do away with referencing gender when it comes to the colors pink, blue, yellow and green.

Just a few months ago, Target had announced its first quarter earnings for 2015. It revealed that Target Corporation experienced an increase of 2.8% this year, amounting to sales of $17.1 billion.

Moreover, the company’s digital sales had also experienced an increase of 37.8%. In addition, Target also experienced more than double company average growth in sales of items in categories such as kids, baby, wellness and style.

Target Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Brian Cornell believes the company is “moving in the right direction.”

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