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Tara Reid Storms Out of Jenny McCarthy Interview

Tara Reid Storms Out of Jenny McCarthy Interview
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Tara Reid Storms Out of Jenny McCarthy Interview

Tara Reid expected the interview with Jenny McCarthy on SiriusXM radio show to focus on the fourth installment of her upcoming movie “Sharknado.” But it went all awry and ended with Reid storming out of the talk show.

The verbal war began when McCarthy, 43, started asking her about her appearance on “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.” McCarthy began with complimenting her for being on the show.

“I f—ing love you on that show, but are you glad you did it?” McCarthy asked as quoted by People.

The question did not go down well with Reid, 40, who wanted to discuss nothing but Sharknado. “It’s not worth the time to talk about,” Reid replied. “There’s confusing things about it. We are not talking about it.”

However, when McCarthy continued to shower her with praises saying how much she loved her on the show, Reid tried to end the topic there, saying, “Babe, I asked you, please let’s not talk about this show. We’re all here about Sharknado.”

McCarthy seemed to finally oblige and shifted her focus from “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” to Reid’s physical shape, which she believed was for the film. According to Reid, the film did not require her to get too much into shape. “It’s not like you really need to get into shape. It’s Sharknado. They’re fake sharks,” Reid said.

The conversation between the ladies continued on the unpleasant note, as McCarthy steered the topic to the plastic surgeries undertaken by Reid in the past. “Are you still going through surgeries or are you past them?” McCarthy asked, as quoted by the Daily News.

The “American Pie” alum replied that she hasn’t gotten a surgery in awhile. But when McCarthy insisted on further confirmation on the subject, Reid appeared to have lost her cool by then.

“I think I’ve made that clear about 100 times,” Tara Reid snapped back. “Maybe you only read the bad things, but I’ve made that really clear for so many years. Read what you want to read.”

Reid attempted to end the interview by wishing McCarthy luck for her show, to which the talk show host replied that she is very excited about Sharknado and that she hopes Reid stays married.

“I hope you stay married too. I’m sure he’s a nice guy,” Reid replied. “I hope your tits get even nicer, because they’re amazing. The same guy who did mine, right? I’ll always use your advice. You’re the best. Bye.”

The awkward interview was finally concluded with Jenny McCarthy wishing Tara Reid good luck with Sharknado 18.

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