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Taking Selfies Kill More People Than Sharks Do

Taking Selfies Kill More People Than Sharks Do
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Taking Selfies Kill More People Than Sharks Do

Taking selfies is now by far more dangerous than shark encounters in the waters.

There is something more threatening to daredevils and backpackers than sharks that lurk in waters. This danger is right there before their hands, literally.

According to the Conde Nast Traveler website, taking selfies is now by far more dangerous than shark encounters in the waters. The website further noted that there had only been eight confirmed deaths due to sharks while there already been eight selfie-related deaths to date this year.

Morning News USA compiled the selfie-related deaths/accidents that happened so far in 2015:

On Sept. 18, BBC reported that a Japanese tourist fell while snapping a selfie at the Taj Mahal Royal Gate. According to the report, the tourist died due to skull fractures. Witnesses told BBC that the Japanese was with three other colleagues while taking selfie. One of them had also fractured his leg as they both fell from the stairs.

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On Sept. 1, reported that 19-year-old Deleon Alonso Smith of Houston died when he accidentally shot himself while taking selfie with a gun. He left two young children and he was about to go to college when the incident happened.

On Aug. 10 Mirror UK reported that Spaniard, David Gonzalez Lopez, died after being gored by a bull as he had his back turned while trying to capture the Bull Run event with his camera. According to witnesses, the bull gored him in the neck and thigh.

On July 4, RT reported that a 21-year-old Russian girl died after falling from the bridge while taking a selfie. The student wanted to a snap a photo of herself in front of the famous building in Moscow known as the Moscow International Business Center.

In May, RT reported that another 21-year-old Russian woman was critically injured after accidentally shooting herself while taking selfie with a 9-millimeter rubber-bulletpistol aimed at her head. RT also reported at the time that a Singaporean man died in Bali after falling off a cliff while taking a selfie. According to the police, the man fell into the ocean but did not know how to swim.

Also in early May, The Independent reported about two Romanian teenagers who attempted to take the “ultimate selfie” on top of a train in the north-eastern Romanian city of Iasi. However, one of the girls died of electrocution when one of her legs brushed up to a live wire above the train. The other girl was blown off the train by the electric force and survived the accident.

Another selfie-related incident in May involved a tragic love story where the boyfriend witnessed his girlfriend falling off the cliff after they attempt to take photo together at the Northcliff Hill in South Africa. The hill was the second highest cliff in the city and the pair chose the spot to mark their first time of being together. According to the Daily Mail, the pair started their relationship online and it was the first time that the UK boyfriend visited the girl in her country. The guy tried to perform CPR but her girlfriend died on the spot.

In May also, a Russian teenager died of electrocution when he attempted to take a selfie on top of the railway train, The Sydney Morning Herald reported. The report also included information of two teenagers who blew themselves up accidentally as they tried to take a selfie while holding a grenade, its pin they pulled up.

In January, The Times of India reported about four friends who tried to take photo on a railway in New Delhi. Three of them died after being run over by a speeding train.

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