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Taiwan’s 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake Hits iPhone 7 Release

Taiwan’s 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake Hits iPhone 7 Release
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Taiwan’s 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake Hits iPhone 7 Release

iPhone 7 release is set for this year. The release, unfortunately, does not depend solely on the manufacturing company. Many factors contribute to the flawless manufacturing, shipment and then the final launch of the product. Even after the launch, it is not just retailer and the customer.

Recently, Taiwan was hit by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake killing hundreds of people. This has obviously affected all of the operations in the nation. How can this lead to iPhone 7 release getting postponed? Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, also known as TSMC says that it has suffered damages in the quake. TMSC is “the sole company responsible for supplying A10 processor for the upcoming iPhones,” says ValueWalk. The same report says that the damages have “forced TSMC to reduce its shipping estimates.”

According to another report published by BGR, “Initially, TSMC indicated that the earthquake would only result in about a 1% decrease in production in 2016. Now, after inspecting the damage more closely, the company has indicated that the resulting impact on production will actually be greater than first anticipated.” As the sole manufacturer of A10 chips that will power iPhone 7 has been going through production problems due to the quake, the chances of it delaying iPhone 7 release are higher.

This news has also given birth to the rumors that Apple may once again turn to Samsung for the iPhone 7 processors. But there are many who believe that there is no possibility of Apple doing that. Instead, the company can restrict the number of iPhones that hit the market at the time and after the launch. This may continue for a few months or till the time TMSC get back to work and run its production business as it used to before the quake.

All we can do now is wait. iPhone 7 release anyways is not a few days away. There is still time for it. And companies like TMSC cannot afford to shut or restrict production for a long time. It will soon be back in action.

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