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Taiwan Earthquake Latest Updates, Injuries And Death Toll

Taiwan Earthquake Latest Updates, Injuries And Death Toll
Taiwan Earthquake

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Taiwan Earthquake Latest Updates, Injuries And Death Toll

Find the latest news on the Taiwan earthquake.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has hit Taiwan early Saturday.

According to local website,, the hardest hit is the Yongkang District in Tainan with a 17-storey building, later released as the  Wei Guan building, collapsing under immense shaking.

The earthquake struck around 4 AM local time and located at around 36 kilometers or 22 miles southeast of Yujing, 10 kilometers or 6 miles underground. It was under the central mountain range of the country.

In the latest report of ABC News, around 221 people were rescued from the collapsed building with more people still feared trapped inside. Two people have suffered heart attacks and 154 people have been hospitalized.

The death toll is still at 3, including a 10-month-old child, according to the latest reports from the Taiwanese authorities.

This Taiwan earthquake, according to a report from LA Times, is particularly devastating because it is shallow and that the epicenter was on the island itself, not offshore. One survivor recounts his experience of the earthquake: “It was not a rolling gentle earthquake, but a violent jerking motion. The walls were shaking and you could hear the building and windows moving,” he said in the same LA Times report. The feeling, he further elaborated, was that of an up and down then left and right shaking, compared to the rolling he felt in a major earthquake outside Taiwan years ago.

The last devastating earthquake in Taiwan was last 1999 when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake left 2,500 dead in its wake. The country, a part of the Philippine Mobile Belt, is seismically active.

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