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Taco Bell Fans In Japan Write Open Letter With Unique Japanese Taco Ideas

Taco Bell Fans In Japan Write Open Letter With Unique Japanese Taco Ideas
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Taco Bell Fans In Japan Write Open Letter With Unique Japanese Taco Ideas

Taco Bell Corporation recently decided to enter Japan market once again, as it opened a new store in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward last April, according to The Japan Times. The popular U.S. restaurant chain known for its Mexican-inspired menu has actually served the Japanese market back in the late 1980’s but decided to pull out later on. This time, Taco Bell entered Japan again by way of Asrapport Dining Co., a company that specializes in operating restaurant franchises.

The Huffington Post reports that hundreds of people lined up outside Taco Bell’s outlet in Japan even before the restaurant doors opened. But Japanese news website Rocket News 24 believes the new Taco Bell in Japan is not creating enough buzz. To help them, Rocket News 24’s two-man translating team who are collectively known as Master Blaster decided to write Taco Bell an open letter and at the same time create five uniquely Japanese taco ideas that they believe would be a sure hit among Taco diners in Shibuya.

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The Master Blaster duo had pointed out that Taco Bell’s competition are all offering something unique to their diners. For starters, Mos Burger offers a hamburger that turns a big tomato into a bun. Meanwhile, Burger King has the Aka Samurai Chicken Sandwich that features red cheese as well as red beans. As for McDonald’s, the giant fast food chain serves up their Quarter Pounder with truffle sauce and mushrooms for $10. Meanwhile, Lotteria is proudly serving a Chocolate & Mustard Chicken Burger.

So for Taco Bell, Master Blaster thought of some unique ways to serve tacos in Japan. There’s the Tako Taco that features a large octopus, the Wasabi Taco with nearly an entire tube of wasabi paste, the Natto Burritos that may taste yummy but smell funky, the Sushi Taco that celebrates Japanese’s love for sushi and the Mucho Macho Macha Taco that features a green-tea flavored taco shell.

Among these, the Master Blaster duo has put the Wasabi Taco in first place.

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