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T-Mobile Offers Free Data Especially for US Troops in Afghanistan

T-Mobile Offers Free Data Especially for US Troops in Afghanistan


T-Mobile Offers Free Data Especially for US Troops in Afghanistan

T-Mobile has beefed up its own Simple Voice service plans. As part of this program, the carrier would lower costs for customers who utilize less than 3GB of data (high-speed). However, the company intends to make its charges greater for those who use over 5GB.

At the same time, its unlimited global data transaction is being stretched especially in seven new countries. Believe it or not, Afghanistan is part of those nations.

In a statement, the company said it wants to serve deployed service men and women particularly in Afghanistan. T-Mobile also added that those people could actually benefit from the advantages of its Simple Global benefits. This is because many of those also bring their personal phones while they are assigned to other countries.

T-Mobile vs. local provider

In comparison, AT&T has been charging $30 for about 120MB in Afghanistan. Sprint and Verizon still don’t have any reasonable data package in the country.

Logically, getting the services of a local provider in Afghanistan could be a wise move. For instance, Americans in the country could rely on Roshan Telecom for data services in their mobile phones. The local telecom provider currently charges just $9 per 1GB data per month. However, this measure is not ideal if the US citizen keeps on communicating with their friends and family in the US through calls or
texts. That is how Afghan providers become less reasonable as options.

Remaining reputation as cheapest telecom carrier

Meanwhile, T-Moble intends to keep is position as the most reasonable or least expensive major telecom carrier in the US. For the 3GB data service, the company charges $60 for unlimited texting and talking for a month per line. For two lines with the same level, it charges $100.

Comparatively, at Sprint, the same pan would have cost $65 per line each month. For an account with two 3GB data plans, the customer would pay $120.

For AT&T, the single-user plan at 2GB costs $95. A 6GB plan with two lines costs $160. Meanwhile, at Verizon, the 3GB data on a single line is charged $100. The 6GB data on two lines costs $160.

None of its competitors carry a plan similar to T-Mobile’s unlimited data with 20-cent per minute calling feature in up to 122 countries worldwide. That is why the carrier would still be an ideal provider for those service men and women who are assigned by their jobs in Afghanistan.

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