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T-Mobile Gives Further Boost to Early-Ugrade ‘Jump’ Plan Subscribers

T-Mobile Gives Further Boost to Early-Ugrade ‘Jump’ Plan Subscribers


T-Mobile Gives Further Boost to Early-Ugrade ‘Jump’ Plan Subscribers

There is another round of good news to subscribers of T-Mobile’s ‘Jump’ plan. The wireless carrier has announced that it is going to provide additional irresistible features to the customers enrolled in the early-upgrade program. The boost would come their way beginning February 23.

Based on an internal memo, the company plans to set adjustment to some features of Jump plan. Such changes would be carried out to offer more incentives to customers. This is obviously another attempt to further convince more prospective customers to finally get into the program.

Exciting changes 

First on the list of features to be sweetened in the program would be the six-month waiting period before a subscriber is allowed to upgrade or replace his smartphone with a new one. As such, subscribers who prefer to take an early upgrade for handset would not have to wait six months to do so. They could take a new smartphone anytime they want to.

New subscribers to the plan on and after February 23 would instantly be able to upgrade their handsets at any point. But they have to meet specific eligibility requirements. Those include trading of the subscriber’s old phone and making sure at least half of the cost of the recent handset is already paid off.

If a subscriber wants to upgrade to a new smartphone but has yet to reach halfway point in repaying the old device’s cost, he would have to first pay off the remaining balance to meet that halfway point.

More updated features 

Second, T-Mobile is now allowing its customers to possibly upgrade as many times as possible using the same service. Previously, customers are allowed to upgrade to a new phone about twice in each year. Now, those customers could have as many upgrades as they possibly can.

Third, T-Mobile’s Jump program is also being expanded to slates or tablets as well. This would certainly be good news to subscribers who are eyeing the latest and best ‘much larger devices’ in the area.

The company clarified that original subscribers to the program is still bound by the older guidelines. But those customers could obtain eligibility to update subscription to new terms of Jump after February 23. At the same time, any new subscriber to the service on and after the date could surely be automatically enjoying practical benefits of  this tweaked features. 

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