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Syrian Hacking Group Attacks Saudi Arabia Websites

Syrian Hacking Group Attacks Saudi Arabia Websites


Syrian Hacking Group Attacks Saudi Arabia Websites

Syrian Hacking Group Attacks Saudi Arabia WebsitesThe notorious Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is showing no sign of slowing down. In fact, its scope is starting to get broader. The hackers have proven that they are not sparing even Islamic countries that are known for being supportive to the US.

The ‘hacktivists’ have seized control of several government Websites of Saudi Arabia. On its own Twitter account, the group shared a list of 16 Saudi Arabian domains that it said it had infiltrated. It not just dropped the names of the domains but also gave links. Along with the series of tweets is the hashtag #ActAgainstSaudiArabiaTerrorism.

The 16 compromised online sites remained offline for a few days after the hacking attack. It is not clear if all of the sites have been restored as of press time. But the group posted another message to warn that Saudi Arabian hacks should be expected to continue.

Taste of its own medicine

Interestingly, it seems that SEA is now having haters of its own. Before it announced its attacks on Saudi Arabia sites, the hacktivist group got a taste of its own bitter medicine earlier in the week. That was after a Turkish hacking collective known as TurkGuvenligi successfully attacked SEA’s online site.

In the message posted by the Turkish hacking group, it told SEA that a hacking attack is the ‘end it deserves.’ TurkGuvenligi reiterated that it won’t take just sitting down the attacks SEA launches against Turkish sites. It accused the Syrian hacking collective of attacking Turkey through fake phishing emails and then denying it as their work.

TurkGuvenligi also made its own statement by calling SEA hackers as ‘imbeciles.’ Its message to announce its attacks was even written above a Quran verse. That message was posted on SEA’s own Website.

Campaign against Microsoft

It can be recalled that the battle for hacking involving SEA broke when the hacktivist launched a campaign against Microsoft Corp. The Syrian group compromised and seized control of Skype’s Facebook and Twitter accounts along with the Microsoft unit’s official blog site on January 1. The sites remained down for some time because Microsoft personnel were logically on a holiday vacation that time.

SEA launched another attack against Microsoft last week when it seized internal company emails and posted screenshots of those through Twitter. The latest attack affected the company’s news blog, Twitter account, and Twitter account of its official Xbox support.

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