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Syria Now: Here’s A Pokemon Go Game You’ve Never Seen Before

Syria Now: Here’s A Pokemon Go Game You’ve Never Seen Before
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Syria Now: Here’s A Pokemon Go Game You’ve Never Seen Before

The popular gaming app Pokemon Go was loved by many people of all ages across the world, but for children in the war-torn country of Syria, this game could be their way of calling for help.

A series of pictures of Syrian children holding pictures of different Pokemon monsters has circulated the internet days after the popular app was launched. But the pictures spread like a wild fire for a different reason: the children used Pokemons to ask for help.

The pictures, which were uploaded by the Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office, aim to raise awareness on the real condition of the war and its effects on the children. The group also aimed to bring to the whole world how oppressive Assad’s regime is.

Each photo, which features a Syrian child, shows the name of the child, then a picture of a Pokemon monster. Beneath the monster is a text, which reads: “I am here, come and save me.” The pictures also state different Syrian towns.

An RFS spokesperson told the Independent that the group decided to publish the pictures in a bid to bring the issues of children in Syria with the popularity. The group, which remained highly-critical of Assad’s regime, decided to use the app’s popularity to highlight the sufferings of the Syrian children as a result of the continued bombings in the country.

“We want to raise awareness and draw attention to the plight of Syrian children in besieged areas and the suffering of Syrian people who are attacked and killed by the Assad regime and its allies,” the spokesperson told the Independent.

The images have been re-shared for more than 21,500 times. The touching photos have also gained attention of international media after it was released Friday.

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