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Syria Now: Civilians Injured In Chemical Weapon Attack!

Syria Now: Civilians Injured In Chemical Weapon Attack!
FSA rebels cleaning their AK47s in Aleppo, Syria during the civil war (19 October 2012). VOA News; Scott Bobb reporting from Aleppo, Syria / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


Syria Now: Civilians Injured In Chemical Weapon Attack!

At least 33 individuals were reported to have been affected by a chemical attack in a rebel stronghold in the northern part of Syria. Reports are saying that helicopters flew overnight and dropped containers with toxic chemicals many believe was chlorine.

Clueless locals in the town of Saraqeb in Syria’s Idlib province had no idea that during their sleep, helicopters have been dropping containers with toxic chemicals.

Toxic Gas

A spokesperson for the Syria Civil Defense, a volunteer search and rescue group, confirmed that at least 33 residents, mostly children, women, and seniors, were rushed to the hospitals and were given oxygen after they experienced breathing difficulties due to the toxic gases.

The Syrian National Coalition (SNC), the opposition critical of the government, accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as the one behind the chemical attacks, Reuters reported. The president previously denied accusations of using chemical weapons in his fight against the rebel groups.

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“After shelling, besieging and killing civilians and perpetrating war crimes on them, the Assad regime has resorted once again, and in breach of UN resolutions 2118 and 2235, to using chemical substances and toxic gases,” the SNC noted.

Meaningless to Assad

The group added that despite the president’s commitment to uphold international agreements and conventions prohibiting the use of chemical weapons, the reality speaks otherwise. The group added that all these agreements and conventions are meaningless to Assad’s regime.

In a report from The Guardian, Ibrahim al-Assad, a local doctor who treated the some of the victims, said that no one showed signs of physical injuries. Instead, the doctor noted that 29 people he treated experienced breathing difficulties indicative of chlorine poisoning.

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