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Syria Now: Child Actor Killed! Facts About 14-year-old Qusai Abtini

Syria Now: Child Actor Killed! Facts About 14-year-old Qusai Abtini
Twin-Explosion in southeastern Kobane on 8th October 2014 quapan / Flickr cc by 2.0


Syria Now: Child Actor Killed! Facts About 14-year-old Qusai Abtini

Fourteen-year-old Qusai Abtini, known for his comical portrayal in a sitcom that’s often likened to the comedy show I Love Lucy, was among the latest casualty in a series of bombings in Syria.

Qusai was killed while escaping the city amid the series of bombings. The car he was riding when attempting to escape was struck by a missile, BBC reported.

But unlike its cousin show in America that aired during the 1950s, “Um Abdou the Aleppan,” where Abtini played the role of the husband, mainly consists of child actors. He became an instant celebrity in the war-torn Allepo when he appeared in the first sitcom shot and aired in the same city.

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The sitcom, which started airing in 2014, was well-received by the residents as it presents real issues of the country in a comical way. Since its first airing, the show has become a household favorite.

His innocence, along with other actors in the show, captivated the residents of Allepo. Since its first airing in 2014, the show has already produced around 30 episodes with 10 minutes length each.

According to a report from the CBS, Bashar Sakka, the show’s director, said they cast children because they are the real witnesses to the condition of the country. The show, which was produced by the opposition TV network, Halab Today TV, presented some of the ill-effects of the government’s oppression in the country and children, for that matter.

“Qusai was a very talented boy. We were looking for an intelligent boy. We wanted him to be free with ideas, and without fear of Bashar Assad’s regime and its ruthlessness,” Sakka told the AP as quoted by CBS News.

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