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Syria News: War Seethes As US Allies Bomb Each Other

Syria News: War Seethes As US Allies Bomb Each Other
Azaz Syria during the Syrian Civil War Missing front of House Voice of America News: Scott Bob report from Azaz, Syria. / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


Syria News: War Seethes As US Allies Bomb Each Other

The United States’ campaign to crush the Islamic State in Syria has gone terribly wrong after allies in the region—Turkish and Kurdish forces—turned their guns against each other.

The scenario, which made the complicated situation in Syria more chaotic, is not something the Americans have expected from the onset of its campaign.

Turkish Vs. Kurdish Forces

While pursuing rebels in Syria, Turkey engaged in a cross-fire with Kurdish forces in the region. Turkey considers the Kurdish forces, an ally of the United States, as a terror group, BBC reported.

Caught in the middle of two opposing allies, the United States has called on both parties to focus on what’s important; that is, putting an end to the reign of terror caused by the IS. The call was raised by the U.S. ambassador to Ankara on Wednesday, hoping that allies would stop pointing guns at each other.

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EU Affairs Minister Omer Celik weighed in on the issue, saying Turkey is a sovereign and a legitimate state. In pursuing the agenda of the U.S. in running after IS in Syria, the Americans get little support from its Turkish ally. It gets the majority of intelligence and logistical support from its Kurdish counterpart.

Turkey-US Alliance

“To suggest it is on a par with a terrorist organisation and suggest there are talks between them, that a deal has been reached between them, this is unacceptable,” Celik was quoted as saying by BBC.

Meanwhile, a separate report from USA Today revealed that the U.S.-Turkey alliance intensified its operation in driving the Islamic state from the Syrian city town of Jarablus, which borders Turkey.

With the go-signal of its U.S. allies, Turkish forces have sent planes, artilleries, and military augmentation to run after the notorious group.

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