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Syria News: Vladimir Putin Deploys ‘Secret Alien Weapons’-Report

Syria News: Vladimir Putin Deploys ‘Secret Alien Weapons’-Report
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Syria News: Vladimir Putin Deploys ‘Secret Alien Weapons’-Report

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been on the receiving end of weird theories regarding his nuclear program lately. But rumor has it that the Kremlin has gone overboard in seeking the assistance of extraterrestrial species to advance its military weaponry.

Dr. Preston James, a conspiracy theorist, recently published an intriguing article in Veterans Today about the secret deal the Russian president has entered into with alien species, the Daily Star reported.

‘Secret Alien Weapons’

But it was not only James who has this theory. In fact, conspiracy theorist Michael Salla’s speculation coincides with those of James. Now, the theorists echo the same fundamental claim that aside from the Russia-Syria alliance, extraterrestrial entities are playing an active role in this global arms battle.

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Although James’ theory was not the first that linked Putin with out-of-this-world entities, this was the first to specifically cite an alleged effort to actually communicate and make a pact with aliens. James theorized that Russia has been working and communicating with aliens to develop advanced military weapons, thanks to friends in Syria.

Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have been actively cooperating to rid Syria of militant groups and insurgencies targeting to destabilize al-Assad’s regime, especially the ISIS, James added.

Vladimir Putin’s Weakening Power?

The theory surfaced following reports exposing the limits of Russia’s military power, especially its air defense and assault capabilities. The speculation intensified when Russia decided to launch missiles from Iran, a known ally of Syria and Russia, in a bid to crush ISIS, Reuters reported.

ISIS has launched and carried out massive attacks in different parts of Syria over the past months. The Syrian city of Aleppo has been one of the areas badly targeted by the terrorist group.

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