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Syria News: US And Syrian Regime At Close Call

Syria News: US And Syrian Regime At Close Call
View of Serekani (Ra’s al-‘Ayn), Kurdish Syria from the Turkish side of the border. Voice of America News / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

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Syria News: US And Syrian Regime At Close Call

Syria news: Last week, Syrian combat jets were intercepted by two American fighter pilots over northern Syria.

The dangerous encounter ensued after the jets bombed an area near a U.S. adviser team accompanying Kurdish forces in the northern part of Syria. After the incident, Syria was warned by the Pentagon that American forces were authorized to take action to defend troops.

Syria News: The Combat Jets’ Encounter

The American pilots said that they came within 2,000 feet of the planes, while the Syrians were unaware of being shadowed.

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According to USA Today, Syrian aircraft stopped bombing the area after the warning came. Similarly, U.S. military stopped operating continuous combat patrols in the area. “I followed him around for all three of his loops,” one of the American pilots, a 38-year-old Air Force major, said while detailing the account of the encounter.

“He didn’t appear to have any idea I was there.”

The names of the two pilots were not disclosed for security reasons.

“The behavior stopped. We made our point,” said the commander of the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing, Brig. Gen. Charles Corcoran. This body of the U.S. forces is responsible for conducting airstrikes over Iraq and Syria from an undisclosed location in the region.

Syria News: The Hasakah Incident

The bombing of the U.S. allies in the Hasakah area had left the Pentagon officials unsettled. The U.S. had been operating in that area for months, providing training and conducting advisory missions with the Arab and Kurdish fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the major U.S. ally in the region.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said that the Syrian aircraft was called using a common radio channel by coalition forces on the ground. However, there was no response from the them.

After this, the coalition forces directly called Russia to know the identities of the bombers; the Russians assured that it wasn’t them. The U.S. made it clear through the Russians that they would commit necessary action to defend U.S. forces on the ground if the strikes continued, according to CNN.

Following the strike, the U.S. promptly employed fighter jets to the area, but by the time their jets arrived, the Syrians were already moving out.

The spokesperson said that the whole situation was strange and had deeply troubled the Pentagon.

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