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Syria Aleppo News: Facts About White Helmets, Group Saving Civilians In Syria

Syria Aleppo News: Facts About White Helmets, Group Saving Civilians In Syria
Azaz Syria during the Syrian Civil War Missing front of House Voice of America News: Scott Bob report from Azaz, Syria. / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

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Syria Aleppo News: Facts About White Helmets, Group Saving Civilians In Syria

The latest in Syria Aleppo news concerns the White Helmets, a group that saves civilians from dangerous zones.

The group is made up of simple men and women who volunteered to be in “the most dangerous place in the world.”

Syria Aleppo News: The White Helmets

The White Helmets are composed of nearly 3,000 volunteers who put their life on the line to save those trapped inside the rubble of bombed buildings in Syria, as reported by Newsy.

While doing their job, the White Helmets never distinguish people by their religion, class, or side in the Syrian conflict. As of now, the life-saving organization has reportedly saved 60,000 lives since the initiation of their rescue operations in the wake of government airstrikes in 2013. These men and women come from varied backgrounds ranging from bakers to pharmacists to taxi drivers.

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Radi Saad, a 23-year-old volunteer and student of topography, is a member of the White Helmets. He travel from Turkey to Syria, back and forth, to do voluntary work. “I never thought about being a search-and-rescue worker. That idea didn’t exist in Syria. During shelling or after an airstrike, all the people come out to save lives,” Saad said, as quoted by PBS.

“The hardest part is to get people under the rubble out. It’s exhausting, and you don’t have technical equipment to use.”

During these rescue operations, more than 130 volunteers had been killed. Almost 130 global organizations had nominated the White Helmets for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Syria Aleppo News: The Petition

On the other hand, a petition was started by one of the few remaining doctors in Aleppo. The petition calls for President Obama and Chancellor Merkel to help stop the bombing of civilians, schools, and hospitals in the city.

Doctor Hamza Al Khatib earlier wrote to both Obama and Merkel, requesting them to use their influence to save civilians and help doctors in Aleppo, according to the Independent. “But their response is the same as it has been for the past five years. From Merkel we heard silence and from the White House our letter was met with yet another tepid condemnation – but no talk of action,” Khatib said.

“We have seen no real effort from President Obama or Chancellor Merkel to prevent the criminal attacks against civilians and our hospitals.”

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