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Swiss Company Turns Loved Ones’ Ashes Into Diamonds

Swiss Company Turns Loved Ones’ Ashes Into Diamonds
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Swiss Company Turns Loved Ones’ Ashes Into Diamonds

A company from Switzerland is creating diamonds out of human ashes. LONITÉ has developed a technology that can immortalize the remains of deceased loved ones. This is done by creating a finely-shaped synthetic diamond similar to the earth-mined variety.

The company’s name originated from the word longevite. The word means “to enjoy a long life.” LONITÉ upholds its name with the creation of a memorial that is precious to the loved ones of the departed. Its mission paved the way to a new era of memorializing the deceased.

The company made the process possible by utilizing the same ingredients that made up a natural diamond. Diamonds are made out of carbon. According to geologists, there are other conditions aside from carbon which contribute to the creation of natural diamonds. LONITÉ used this knowledge to its advantage.

The human body consists of 18 percent carbon along with 3 percent nitrogen. These greatly contribute in turning human ashes into diamonds. Thus, these memorial diamonds are full of pure carbon, similar to the ones found beneath the earth.

Emotional value is the reason why the cremation industry is expanding. The process of extracting carbon from the human body began in Switzerland, and the innovation has since expanded throughout the globe, most especially in Australia. The synthetic diamond market is valued at $15.7 billion in the U.S. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is also using the cremation diamond as a quick way to create jewelries.

LG Lonite’s Cremation Diamonds go through two stages

Skeptics doubt how these diamonds are created. The process starts with the cremation of the body. Afterwards, the clients send the remains to Switzerland. LONITÉ’s experts then purifies the carbon to prepare for the next step. The process happens for six months on average.

There are two important stages the diamond has to go through. High-temperature high-pressure (HTHP) process turns the ashes into diamonds. The other procedure involves letting the diamond go through Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). These two technologies have different purposes.

The HPHT process was initially used to create the first man-made diamond in the 1950s. Since carbon is already produced by human ashes, HPHT attempts to reproduce the conditions that create natural diamonds. Meanwhile, the CVD is used to produce high-quality and high-performance solid materials.

The step-by-step process of creating cremation diamonds

The step-by-step process of creating the cremation diamond is simple yet time-consuming. The ashes are placed in a crucible that can withstand massive heat. The temperature will be adjusted to over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow the elements oxidize except the carbon.

The heating process lasts for a few weeks. The graphite formed from the heating process will be placed in a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal. Afterwards, the core must be placed on a diamond press. The temperature will be lowered to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, with the pressure around 800,000 per square inch. The graphite will need several more weeks to turn into rough crystal. When the crystal is ready, shaping tools will be used to cut the diamond into a specific design.

Cremation Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

Most people prefer cremation diamonds than earth-mined ones. It does not mean that natural diamonds are being left out. The fact is, it is about the value that money cannot buy. The emotional attachment a cremation diamond provides is a reward that a natural diamond may not recreate. The cremation diamond frames up the existence of those who pass away, and aside from the emotional value, it also helps the family save funeral costs while keeping the remains of the departed encased in a beautiful crystal.

The creation of these diamonds is a tedious process. This is why people must choose a trustworthy company to handle the remains of their loved ones with care. There are reputable companies out there that have proven track records.

One of the major companies in the industry is LONITÉ. The cost of its cremation diamonds starts at $2,500 (€ 2,400), more affordable than natural ones. There are varying factors that will affect the price, so it is best for clients to consider their budget and options when looking to have a cremation diamond created for them.

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