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‘Swing Copters’ Get ‘Difficult’ Reviews

‘Swing Copters’ Get ‘Difficult’ Reviews


‘Swing Copters’ Get ‘Difficult’ Reviews

‘Swing Copters’ Get ‘Difficult’ ReviewsA day after the official release of ‘Swing Copters,’ most of its users surely wish that they have not known the game. That is if they are really competitive enough that they wouldn’t take failures. Indeed, developer Dopng Nguyen was true to his words when he warned a few days ago that the new mobile game would be more difficult to play compared to his earlier hit game ‘Flappy Bird.’

Not surprisingly, most of the reviews for the game agree that Swing Copters is truly a difficult game. And most analysts unanimously agree that the level of difficult could be the main addictive factor of the app. Logically, many app gamers would be curious to know how hard the game is to play.

Presumably, Swing Copters would not duplicate the fate of Flappy Bird, This early, there is no indication yet that it would soon be pulled out by its developer, just like what he did for Flappy Bird, which is yet to return on mobile.

Monstrously difficult

According to most reviewers, Swing Copters is ‘monstrously difficult’ in such a way that Flappy Bird would never be able to match. With the level of difficulty, the mobile game players are expected to spend more hours playing Swing Copters and figuring out how to deal with it.

A player has to tap the device’s screen just to change or adjust the direction the insect guy in helicopter is drifting. That is a far cry to how Flappy Bird players simply earn points just by clearing gates. In Swing Copter, players have to tap upwards instead of left or right.

Moreover, the momentum of every swing may vary. This adds more challenge to the game. It could be tougher to find the right timing to squeeze through, avoiding running into those annoying swinging hammers. Thus, earning a single point is truly difficult, making it more of an accomplishment.

Flood of fakes

Not surprisingly, because of the instant popularity of Swing Copters, there are many fake versions of it, just like how scammers did in Flappy Bird. Thus, you may have a hard time identifying the clones from the real one when you are searching for the app whether in the App Store or Google Play.

But still, nothing can stop you from downloading a copy of the game and playing it. Just be sure you have enough time and patience to earn scores. Be warned. It is a real challenge.   

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