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Swimmerix: The Super Accurate & Revolutionary Personalized Trainer

Swimmerix: The Super Accurate & Revolutionary Personalized Trainer
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Swimmerix: The Super Accurate & Revolutionary Personalized Trainer

In today’s society, it couldn’t be denied that a lot of apps, tools, or gadgets have been developed in an attempt to make the world a perfect place for everyone. This time, it is aimed towards avid swimmers who would like to track their swimming skills and progress. Here comes Swimmerix IP68.

The latest swimming gadget solves the dilemma of having a swimming wearable that is lightweight, waterproof, has a long battery life and high accuracy. The new wearable from a start up company not only solves these problems, but also comes with a completely different and unique approach.

Instead of having only one wearable watch or bracelet, Swimmerix introduces a two way package that consists of a watch-like wristband and a waterproof base that is mounted into the wall of a pool. Digital Trends reports that having these two make the results more accurate than most trackers’ result.

The device comes with an app that acts as the swimmer’s trainer. It analyzes the data and in turn gives instructions all in real-time meaning, the app will tell the swimmer whether to pick up the pace, slow down or whatever is set by the swimmer for the course of his swimming time. After every lap, the wristband will blink in colors which indicate what the swimmer needs to do.

The data collected is then stored in a cloud storage for the swimmer to review later to know where to improve more and to check his progress. All the data can be accessed through the the swimming trainer gadget’s iOS or Android app.

Based on its Kickstarter page, the wearable can provide performance analytics on biometric, quantitative, and personal training of the owner. All in all, the entire product package consists of a base station, a wristband, a mobile app, a charger and a wall mount.

The base station, which mounts to the pool’s wall, connects to the wristband where it sends the useful feedback. It can show up to six different parameters which are “calories burned, number of strokes, speed, lap time, laps and heart rate.”

The Wristband, on the other hand, is the one responsible for collecting swimmer telemetry in real time and also responsible for transmitting the data to the base. It shows a total of four colors that each correspond to a specific action that the swimmer should do.

Red is for end of training session; blue is continue with the current routine; green is accelerate; and yellow is to slow down. Meanwhile the Swimmerix app, which is available to both iOS and Android phones, allows the user to configure the base and perform data synchronization with The Cloud. The said gadget is sad to start shipping by October 2016.

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