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Suspects Face Capital Murder Charges For Shooting Mississippi Police

Suspects Face Capital Murder Charges For Shooting Mississippi Police
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Suspects Face Capital Murder Charges For Shooting Mississippi Police

Marvin Banks, 29, one of four suspects in the Mississippi police shooting incident, was charged with two counts capital murder and grand theft. The convicted felon was released on two separate bonds. He was arrested in shooting two police officers, Benjamin Deen, 34, and Liquori Tate, 24.

Marvin, the one who pulled the trigger, appeared before Forrest County Justice Court Judge Gay Polk-Payton on Monday and was charged with multiple counts.

The second suspect, Joanie Calloway, 23, faced one count of accessory criminal charge on Monday. Banks’ younger brother, Curtis, also faced the same charge.

The fourth suspect, Cornelius Clark, 28, has been charged with providing assistance to Banks to commit the crime.

Calloway and Clark was slapped a $75,000 bond while Curtis Banks was issued a bond of $100,000. Curtis Banks, Calloway and Clark were held at the Lamar County Jail while prime convict Marvin Banks was placed in the Pearl River County Jail.

The shooting took place Saturday night after Deen stopped their vehicle for a traffic violation. Following a heated argument, Marvin pulled the trigger and shot Deen. When Liquori Tate intervened, he was also shot. Autopsy reports say one officer was shot on the face while the other was shot at the back.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who issued a statement on Monday, vows to provide necessary aids to protect officers.

“The shocking assault on law enforcement officers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, struck at the heart of that great city. The Department of Justice stands ready to offer any possible aid to the Hattiesburg community as they investigate this appalling incident. And we will continue to do all that we can to protect our officers across the country and support all those who wear the badge.”

Lynch said that Deen and Tate’s death happened when the nation was observing Police Week.

“Their loss is made even more tragic by the fact that on the day they were killed this past Saturday, the country began observing Police Week — a time when we pause to remember and honor the more than 20,000 law enforcement officers who have been killed in the line of duty.”

Families, friends and the entire Hattiesburg community mourned the death of two police officers.

“In a city as amazing as Hattiesburg, this is an unfathomable tragedy,” said state Rep. Toby Barker, a Republican from Hattiesburg, on Monday. “Everyone in our community feels this one.”

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