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Suspect In Kidnapped Chinese Student Case To Face Raps In Court

Suspect In Kidnapped Chinese Student Case To Face Raps In Court
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Suspect In Kidnapped Chinese Student Case To Face Raps In Court

The suspect for the kidnapping of Yingying Zhang has been formally charged of the crime. The suspect’s arraignment is scheduled this coming July 20. However, the police have yet to find the missing Chinese exchange student.

As CNN reported, Brendt Christiansen, 29, is now indicted of kidnapping after being the suspected culprit of Yingying Zhang’s disappearance. The suspect has yet to formally state his stance after his indictment and he is still detained in Macon County jail.

Christiansen’s attorney said that the suspect can still use his rights to his own defense. If proven guilty, Christiansen’s kidnapping case can keep him in jail for life.

So far, no new major leads have been obtained in the case. Christiansen’s inconsistent story, suspicious internet browsing history, and his confirmed contact with Zhang before she went missing still makes him a strong suspect in the case. In an online thread about abducting people, Christiansen mentioned that he has found his “ideal target.”

As of Zhang’s whereabouts, the police have yet to find her. Authorities also believe that Zhang could already be dead.

The authorities said that Christiansen met Zhang as she was on her way to pay her apartment lease. Christiansen said that he offered Zhang a ride as she was late to her appointment but had to drop her as she became uncomfortable with the trip after a wrong turn. In his previous statement, Christiansen said he had no recollection of what he was doing during the time that Zhang went missing.

Zhang is a Chinese student in the University of Illinois that has been gone missing since June 9. More than just being a sole kidnapping case, this issue affects the university’s reputation to the Chinese community. The university has been known for being as one of the most secure and safe universities in America.

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