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Survey Shows that Men are More Susceptible to Mobile Malware than Women

Survey Shows that Men are More Susceptible to Mobile Malware than Women


Survey Shows that Men are More Susceptible to Mobile Malware than Women

avastThese days, no one could underestimate the power of mobile devices. It is a fact that smartphones are getting more popular and more widely used. More people now access the Internet through their gadgets than through the desktop PCs.

That is why the typical smartphone is not just for making phone calls and texting. It is more useful as a device for accessing online sites—making purchase transactions and updating social networking accounts.

Thus, losing a smartphone is now considered to be like losing one’s wallet. To most users, it could actually be worse. That is why many experts are concerned about the fact that many smartphone users still don’t tap necessary security measures to protect their selves from possible loss of their handsets.

A recent poll conducted by Avast has revealed that many smartphone users still don’t adequately protect their mobile devices. Here are some of the interesting highlights of the survey by the PC security vendor.

Men more vulnerable to mobile malware

The Avast survey has found that one in every 10 respondents admit that they have lost their smartphones once or several times within the past year. Causes of loss may be because of theft or misplacement. Moreover, up to 80% of the poll respondents are concerned about the possible loss of their data.

Surprisingly, despite the high number of concerned smartphone users, up to 34% of the survey respondents admitted that they have not installed any anti-virus or anti-theft program in their smartphones. Nearly 50% of the respondents have indicated that they don’t back up their current mobile data or they are not aware if they do.

Interestingly, 36% of men are found to be more likely to be victimized by mobile malware. In comparison, 32% of women are likely to fall into mobile viruses.

Treating the smartphone right

More interestingly, about 80% of survey respondents consider passwords as well as contacts to be sensitive data on their smartphones. About 57% to 66% of the respondents think emails, photographs, and videos also contain data that should not be shared with others.

Thus, the experts highly advise the use of necessary malware protection especially for smartphones. They pointed out that mobile security is not just for mobile malware protection; it is also a good shield against possible mobile phishing and data theft.

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