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Surge in Cheating Websites Increases Cases of Online Adultery

Surge in Cheating Websites Increases Cases of Online Adultery


Surge in Cheating Websites Increases Cases of Online Adultery

“Life is short, have an affair,” is the working slogan of Ashley Madison, a popular cheating Website for husbands and wives internationally. The Canada-based online site has revealed that the number of its users have been rising steadily. This may mean that more spouses these days are turning to so-called ‘online infidelity.’

Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman thinks that his online site and all its competitors are merely catering to natural human desire. He challenged anyone to identify any culture in the world where infidelity possibly does not happen.

Interestingly, there are now many Websites that offer services for finding extramarital relationships. Unlike Ashley Madison, which was established in 2002, the domain names of some of its rivals are more straightforward and direct. To be cited are sites like and

The current landscape

Ashley Madison claims to have filled voids in many marriages. Mr. Biderman has revealed that so far, his Website presently has about 25 million members who regularly visit the site. Those members are usually from up to 35 countries around the globe. Last year, Ashley Madison earned about $100 million in necessary revenue.

According to published research by the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, about 22% of men and around 14% of women have the tendency to cheat on their spouses at any point in their marriage lives. Meanwhile, sociology professor Pepper Schwartz of the University of Washington in Seattle doubts if it could still be proven that new technologies make users suffer from increased infidelity. That is because there is no bottom-line data for that.

Frequent visitors

Ashley Madison further revealed that frequent visitors of adultery Websites usually come from various backgrounds. However, it determined that majority of those users are men who are already in their 40s. The reasons for actually visiting and using the online site could be equally diverse.

The company said some visitors are looking for sexual encounters to compensate for their sexless marriages. Some cases involve spouses who just can’t leave their husbands or wives even if they are fantasizing about having sex with other people. However, there are still those co-called ‘stimulation jokes’ that pertain to cases wherein a spouse can’t possible have sex with his/her partner.

Along with the popularity of adultery Websites are products that enable those suspecting spouses out there to continuously monitor their partners’ activities. Indeed, the times have really changed.   

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