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Surface Phone Release Pushed To 2017 Like Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5?

Surface Phone Release Pushed To 2017 Like Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5?


Surface Phone Release Pushed To 2017 Like Surface Book 2, Surface Pro 5?

Windows 10 is very infamous for postponement. This ‘not releasing on time’ trend was started and set by Windows 10 mobile. And now, every other Microsoft’s product seems to be following just the same. Earlier, the news was that the next version of Surface products will be shown in October. But then, the rumors followed that suggested that Surface Book 2 and Pro 5 release have been pushed to 2017. At Microsoft Build, people were expecting the company to at least give a hint about these upcoming devices, but there was no trace of them. Now, the latest buzz is that Surface Phone release is also postponed to next year.

Microsoft released Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 last year in its October event. The tech industry believed that this year, the next product in line will be launched at the October Event along with Surface Phone, as those are said to be the new high-end Lumia phones. But this may not be the case. Even the Surface Phone release may be moved to 2017 and the phone will be unveiled with Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5. The speculation was further fueled by the fact that there were no hints at the Microsoft Build.

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Terry Myerson, Windows Chief has also said that “If you wanted to reach a lot of phone customers, Windows Phone isn’t the way to do it.” If that is what Microsoft believes, then the Surface Phone may never release, or the Surface Phone release may actually introduce us to a completely new operating system. And then, just like Windows 10 replaced an older OS’, this new OS may replace Windows 10, at least on mobile phones. Product Reviews is a website that has its own logical angle on the story. The publication says, “There is also another way in which you can look at this, and that Microsoft can see something different on the horizon that could surpass phones or become just as important. Having said that, this is a long shot, and we very much doubt that – although we feel we had to put it out there.” We cannot deny the fact that even Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL did not work for Microsoft. People were curious about the phones and some also went ahead and purchased the phones but there was no noticeable improvement in the sales. So, if not for Windows, Microsoft might just give up on mobile phones.

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