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Surface Pen Tips And Tricks Straight From Microsoft

Surface Pen Tips And Tricks Straight From Microsoft
From Microsoft


Surface Pen Tips And Tricks Straight From Microsoft

Are you a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 owner? Are you not getting enough of the Surface Pen? Read these Surface Pen tips to use this device in a better way

The Surface Pen that comes along with the latest Windows 10 devices, Surface Book and Surface Pro, has not been talked about that much. This is that one device that makes using these devices all the more convenient. Microsoft wants you to know this gadget better, and has given out some Surface Pen tips and tricks for users.

If you explore the eraser button on your Surface Pen, you will realize that this button can do other things instead of being an eraser. Microsoft Cortana is the most popular feature on Windows 10 devices. And the eraser button makes it all the more easy to launch this digital assistant. Just click and hold the button to activate Cortana. This is helpful during presentations. A simple click, and you are sorted. Similarly, with just one click, you can launch OneNote. Click the eraser button on your Surface Pen and it will bring up a black page of OneNote on your Windows 10 device (Surface Book or Surface Pro 4).

Surface Pen by Microsoft

Surface Pen by Microsoft

By clicking the button twice, you can take a screenshot of the screen of your Surface device. Once the picture is taken, OneNote will launch automatically, making it easier to edit the picture you have captured. Supposed you saved an image you want to use in your presentation; you can immediately start marking the important things on the image: write down notes or add it as a slide to your presentation.

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When we come across helpful Surface Pen tips and tricks, we will update you as soon as possible. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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