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‘Surface Book’ And ‘Surface Pro 4’ Tips: How To Customize Pressure Sensitivity And More

‘Surface Book’ And ‘Surface Pro 4’ Tips: How To Customize Pressure Sensitivity And More
Surface Pro 3 Scott Akerman / Flickr CC BY 2.0


‘Surface Book’ And ‘Surface Pro 4’ Tips: How To Customize Pressure Sensitivity And More

Did you know these simple things about your Surface Book, Surface Pen and Surface Pro 4?

Here are a few simple tips on how to use your “Surface Book” and “Surface Pro 4” to the fullest.

Changing Surface Pen’s battery

Opening the older pens was easy, but unscrewing the new Surface Pen is quite a task. If you need to change your pen’s battery, grasp the shaft and rotate it counterclockwise until the pen clicks. Once the pen opens, slide the battery out. Make sure you do not exert pressure more than what is needed. Also, do not turn the shaft clockwise or keep turning it until it opens. Be gentle.

Charge your Surface Book’s clipboard

Many a times, it becomes difficult to carry the whole laptop along, especially while traveling. So you may want to just travel with your clipboard. But then you need to keep it charged to make it work even while you are on the go. Not many people know that the new Surface Dock helps you charge your clipboard. All you need to do is plug the connector into the clipboard. You will find space to do so at the bottom of your tablet. The Surface Book’s battery tend to drain a little faster when in tablet mode. Make sure you keep the charger handy when you are not using it as a laptop. 

Pressure sensitivity is customizable

To customize pressure sensitivity, you will need to set up an account with the Microsoft Store. Once that is done, look for Surface in the store. Download the “Surface” app. Install it on your system and use your Surface Pen to test the sensitivity. With the help of the pen, you can also turn the sensitivity up or down. 

On the Surface Pen, there is a small button beside the eraser at the top of the pen which functions as right-clicks. Now that you know a few extra things about your Surface Pen, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, do not forget to use each of their features for the best experience.

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