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Supporting Duterte: A Religious POV

Supporting Duterte: A Religious POV
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Supporting Duterte: A Religious POV

He had all the good intentions when he performed his God-given task as a priest of Christ and a Pastor of God’s flock. He also bordered on campaigning during his homily. And in a very Catholic country such as ours, it came strongly to the faithful.

He had all the good intentions when he performed his God-given task as a priest of Christ and a Pastor of God’s flock. He also bordered on campaigning during his homily. And in a very Catholic country such as ours, it came strongly to the faithful.

I am referring to a priest who held his homily colored with politics.

Those who agreed with him were elated, and those who were supporting other candidates were taken aback. Some “faithful” Catholics even used his homily to “reach out” to those who were “lost,” even trying to “proselytize” them and drop the said candidate in God’s name.

The “Examination of Conscience” is something that has been taught in basic catechism. It keeps us humble as we try to remember things we have done before we approach the Lord in prayer, before we sleep at night or before we embark on a voyage.

It is an act wherein we humble ourselves before our God, for the purpose of asking His mercy and forgiveness. To repent of the things we might have done or even failed to do. After all, only He knows if one is still able to wake up in the morning. Or be like the man in the Parable of the “Old Rich Fool” (Luke 12:16:21).

I have thrown my full support for Mayor Duterte’s candidacy for the following reasons.


I believe this change in the political architecture of our nation can help bring progress and can, in all probabilities, help alleviate poverty, especially in the countrysides. I believe this is pleasing to Christ.

Anti-graft and Corruption

One is in denial if, at this point in our country’s history, you still do not realize that corruption is a major problem. The supposed Five Pillars of Justice have weakened. “Buwaya” (crocodile) is how the common Filipino now describes the Police, Congress and Senate.

And some have the perception that decisions in our Supreme Court can be bought. “Chef” Justices who can cook a decision, according to one’s taste for a price. I personally find this hard to believe, but then again, in an imperfect world such as ours, perception is everything.

Drug Problem

The family, which is the basic unit of society and of our church, is under attack, and the poorer citizens have suffered the most casualties. “Shabu” has become an endemic in our communities. It started in the Philippines more than 30 years ago. Now, the only way to fight against it, considering the magnitude of the problem, is by going in an all-out war. Anything weaker is tantamount to failure.

It has been discovered that shabu is being cooked inside our very own National Penitentiary.

Prisoners who are supposed to be rehabilitated have become experts in the art and science of drug making. They do it in commercial quantities for commercial purposes under the nose of the Department of Justice. And with the gang leader boasting of a picture of himself with President Aquino and DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima. Who would dare stop them? They cooked it inside and sell it outside. To our children.

Extra-judicial Killings

From the very moment the sperm and egg cells become one, when a 100-year-old man’s life support system is shut down for the sake of “mercy,” or anything in between, I call it murder.

Law enforcers are armed with guns to protect citizens from the lawless elements of society.

Hopefully, the arms they bear can instill the correct kind of fear to those who might want to create trouble. And when the circumstance call that they fight it out, they have the God-given right to protect themselves as they perform their duty.

They keep in mind their families waiting for them to come home safe every night. If in the process of the performance of duty, and in the effort to neutralize the threat, they happen to kill the criminal, I leave it to the Lord. For only He knows the hearts of men.

Hearts of Men

It is at this point where the examination of conscience comes in handy for a Catholic. To be angry at somebody, enough to want to kill in one’s heart, makes us guilty of murder. I did not say that. Jesus did. Matthew 5:21-24, New King James Version (NKJV).

Murder Beings in the Heart

21. “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder, [a] and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment.’ 22. But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause [b] shall be in danger of the judgment.

The drug menace angers me so much. And I have to confess that I enjoyed it sometimes when I hear Mayor Digong threatening to exterminate drug makers if he becomes president. And I have offended the Lord.

The Bible passage above seems too extreme, and it is indeed. But my consolation is in knowing that the mercy of God is on the other end of this extremity.

I examine my conscience once in a while. Not only on the killing issue. I try to have a thorough “maintenance check-up” and happily welcome God’s forgiveness flowing in at once. I do not wait for the time I go to mass. I remember having done so when I was parking under the shade of a tree while waiting for passengers.

And no one sees that except Him, who searches the hearts of men.

“Even before I get to confess with my lips the wrondoing I have done and seek His forgiveness, God saw the cry of my heart and His mercy immediately flows inside me.” – St. Augustine (paraphrased)

And so I agree with the priest’s message. I also agree with his motive. I respectfully disagree with the method.

I will continue to support Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. I will continue to pray for him and in my own personal capacity reach out to those who might have questions on how a devout Catholic is able to support the candidate and still be in good standing with God. And by God’s grace, check my heart and examine my conscience if I had the right motive.

And by the way. Mr. Binay have started to up the ante on his attacks. He is asking citizens to pray for us who support Duterte, for he seemed to have discerned that we are under the power of darkness. No pun intended. The least we can do to return the favor is to also pray for him. Sincerely. In fact, pray for all the candidates this coming elections. And pray that the elections 2016 will be peaceful, honest, and credible.

And also, unite our prayers with the Holy Father, who has committed himself to pray for Mayor.

Duterte. For Wisdom and Peace. Amen.


The opinions expressed in this article belong to the contributor’s and do not necessarily reflect the views and beliefs of other staff members of Morning News USA.

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