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‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers: New Timeslot, Cast, & Battle!

‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers: New Timeslot, Cast, & Battle!
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‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers: New Timeslot, Cast, & Battle!

Apart from that fact that “Supernatural” season 12 will already premiere by summer this year, there are other spoilers that every fan must know by now.

Based on the various details that Movie News Guide has gathered, unexpected yet exciting things are bound to happen in the upcoming season of The CW fantasy horror series.

While it was noted that the previous cast (leading men Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Dean and Sam Winchester) will be retained, the news site revealed that the Men of Letters, known as preceptors and observers who chronicle the mystery they see and feel within their surroundings, will be seen more this time around.

Amid the latest “Supernatural” season 12 spoilers hinting about the frequent appearance of the Men of Letters, the report suggested that a battle between them and the Winchesters is expected to arise.

Meanwhile, the report also took note of the possibility that some changes will be adopted for the 12th season, and these already started with the new time slot.

It can be recalled that the past seasons of the show were aired on Wednesdays, while the 12th season will already be seen on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Apart from it, the report pointed out in its “Supernatural” season 12 spoilers that more changes might take place especially that new showrunners are taking over.

Last month, TV Line reported that season 11 will already be the last time that Jeremy Carver will be seen taking the lead, with Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb taking over.

As shared by the site, Singer “has been with ‘Supernatural’ since season 1 as an exec producer, director and occasional writer.”

On the other hand, Dabb “joined the series in season 4, working his way up from writer/story editor to co-executive producer.”

What could be the changes that they might infuse into the show? Keep posted for more “Supernatural” season 12 spoilers.

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