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Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers: Dean, Sam Worried About Returning Mary

Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers: Dean, Sam Worried About Returning Mary
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Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers: Dean, Sam Worried About Returning Mary

All family reunions involve awkward moments but the Winchester reunion in Supernatural Season 12 is definitely one for the books. After being dead for 33 years, Sam and Dean’s mother Mary returns to the surprise of both brothers as she was the reason for them becoming hunters in the first place.

How will she adjust to present, not to mention the fact that her sons use strange phones and work with angels? Additionally, how will she react when she finds out that her two boys and her husband John are legacies of the Men of Letters?

According to USA Today, family is the foundation on which Supernatural was built. Dean and Sam have been through thick and thin, sometimes even dying all for the sake of the other.

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Mary Adjusting To Her New Reality In Supernatural Season 12

After 11 seasons, the Winchesters are now entering the hallowed ground of Clampetts, Bunkers, Waltons and other famous TV clans. “It’s certainly an institution to me,” says actor Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester in Supernatural

Now, that foundation is about to be shaken to the very core as the brothers are reunited with their mother. After being killed by the demon Azazel when when Dean was 4 and Sam was an infant her death was critical to the whole plot.

According to TV Line’s interview executive producer Andrew Dabb, the Winchester brothers are happy and conflicted regarding Mary’s return. It’s a miracle but she left the life of a hunter long ago and now has to deal with the fact that her sons are hunters themselves.

Her life as a hunter was also before a time where the Men of Letters and angels did not exist, until as far as she knew. Now that these two groups play a major role in the present, it would be safe to assume she will be shocked find out about their existence. What can we say, like mother like sons.

How will her return affect the Winchesters and their job as hunters? Catch Supernatural Season 12, Thursdays  on The CW.

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