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Supernatural Season 12: Mama Winchester May Return, Team To Fight Lucifer And Hitler – Report

Supernatural Season 12: Mama Winchester May Return, Team To Fight Lucifer And Hitler – Report
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Supernatural Season 12: Mama Winchester May Return, Team To Fight Lucifer And Hitler – Report

The last season of Supernatural saw Dean (Jensen Ackles)  and Sam (Jared Padalecki) successfully defeating Amara.

What was unknown to Sam is that his Mother , Mary Winchester(Samantha Smith) was resurrected from The Darkness as a gift and also that Dean did not die. The season 12 of Supernatural has in it harrowing demons and a lot of funny characters. This season also has in store a plot filled with Lucifer in action.

The first three episodes of Supernatural are “Keep calm and carry on”, “Mamma Mia” and “The Foundry”. The premiere of season 12 starts off where the last season finale ended.

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Dean comes in face-to-face with Mary Winchester, his mother after 30 years. Whereas Sam who had been shot last season finds himself kidnapped by a British Men of Letters’ member,  Lady Toni (Elizabeth Blackmore).

On realising Sam’s absence, Dean teams up with hunter Mary and Castiel(Misha Collins) to find him. As the episode grows we learn that Mary is an efficient and a superb supernatural hunter.

At the season’s premiere we find Lucifer is out of castiel’s body and is in search of a vessel. He eventually settles for Vince Vicenete (Rick Springfield), and ageing rockstar.

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The question which crops up is that what Lucifer really wants now the God’s gone? Andrew Dabb, the executive producer of the show told to TV Line, “What he [Lucifer] discovers is that, in some ways, God had the right idea. Worship is fun. Having people worship you, it’s a good time,” and added, “So for him, popping into someone like the rock star Vince Vincente, it allows him experience that almost God-like worship”.

We find Castiel and Crowly joining hands to bring down Lucifer. Whereas Mary Winchester and Castiel feel like outsider and start understanding each other. According to Entertainment Weekly, Dabb said, “She and Castiel form a really interesting friendship and we think she’s a nice pivot point around which we can spin our characters,”

We also find Dean and Sam fighting Hitler with the help of Adam Rose. The great Führer won’t appear till the fifth episode. The addition of Hitler and Lucifer makes the storyline all the more interesting and the episodes worth watching.

Catch the season 12 premiere of Supernatural on 13th October at 9 p.m. EDT on CW.

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