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‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Spoilers: Lucifer Is Back!

‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Spoilers: Lucifer Is Back!
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‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Spoilers: Lucifer Is Back!

What awaits in the Supernatural season 11? Seems like many elements of surprise are present. Get your Supernatural season 11 spoilers here. Read at your own risk.

It has been many years since Supernatural fans had seen the face of the most manipulative dark angel in history, Lucifer. However, for Supernatural Season 11, the audience will see more of Mark Pellegrino, the actor who plays he first fallen angel in the series. Furthermore, the promotional video for the series showed that Amara and Dean Winchester will face serious rivalry in the next episodes to come.

As reported by Carter Matt, Supernatural Season 11 will showcase a reunion of major characters in the upcoming episodes to come. Although it seems that it could not be Sam and Dean Winchester’s father, who is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, since the actor is due to appear for “The Walking Dead’ anytime soon, the comeback character to the series stirred interest in all the Supernatural fans. Who’s going back, folks? Apparently, Lucifer is expected to wreak havoc at the Winchester brothers once again!

That’s right! Lucifer is coming back to the series. As was revealed by former episodes of Supernatural Season 11, the only way to defeat the darkness would be for Sam, Dean, Crowley, and the rest of the gang to seek help from the fallen angel, from Michael, and from God to form an army of angels. Only then would they be able to have a change against the darkness.

This reality will be a tremendous trouble for Sam in upcoming episode since he has always and forever been Lucifer’s vessel. Will the maker of demons torture the youngest Winchester brother once again?

In other news, TV Line reported that the fall season finale for Supernatural season 11 will also show God since Sam felt like he was called to visit hell once again. Doubting this calling, Sam seek the help of the King of Hell to formulate a strategy that would work to get Lucifer aboard their plan to defeat the darkness.

Lucifer has tortured Sam Winchester greatly in previous seasons of Supernatural. However, it seems that the Winchester brothers, Crowley and even God would need the assistance of the fallen angel to defeat the darkness. Catch the fall finale of Supernatural Season 11 this coming Wednesday on CW at 9 in the evening, 8 central.

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