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Supergirl’ Season 2: Superman Arrives, Alex Struggles With Clark In Town

Supergirl’ Season 2: Superman Arrives, Alex Struggles With Clark In Town
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Supergirl’ Season 2: Superman Arrives, Alex Struggles With Clark In Town

The season 2 premiere of “Supergirl” fronted by Melissa Benoist, will be introducing a version of their Man of Steel, played by the Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin.

According to TV guide, the handsome visage of Superman is not the only new addition this season. Several new changes are expected to crop up in the series as they move forward with their first season at the CW.

Clark Kent arrives to assist Kara to save the day in the show’s premiere. Superman’s extra pair of hands come in handy during an attack on Lena Luthor.  Kara in this season feels good while thinking of herself as Supergirl.

A lot of last year had been spent by her doubting her abilities, training, learning, and in getting better and stronger at it. When Superman was taken out last year, it was she who had saved the world all by herself.

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Coming into season 2 of “Supergirl”, Kara feels like she has achieved the ability to handle herself as the Supergirl. But soon, a lot of questions regarding her sister and career crops up and it’s at this point when Clark comes in.

Troubled with these questions Kara says,“I know how to be Supergirl, but I don’t know how to do any of this other stuff. But Clark, he makes it look easy, he’s Superman, he’s a great reporter, he’s a great boyfriend. How does he do it?”, to this Clark replies, “I’m making it up as I go, too. It’s all about balancing it and it’s all a day-to-day thing. Just because I make it look easy, doesn’t mean that it is.” This season of Supergirl deals with Kara’s journey and her growing up.

Both Superman and Supergirl turn up at the same turf on hearing a news tragedy. According to EW, these episodes explore the loneliness and alienation which they both feel as they don’t get time to spend with each other. This detachment comes in due to the plot, villains,Project Cadmus, and homes and their respective turf which they both have to defend.

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Alex on the other hand in the first 2 episodes,struggles with the fact that Clark’s in town.  This sets up an interesting dynamic since the she loves

Kara a lot,who is her family, and she loves Clark too because she knows that he loves them, but then again what takes up her mind is the fact that Clark had left Kara on the doorstep. Kara on seeing Clark grows excited and Alex is taken in for granted. This creates a conflict between Alex and Kara in the first two episodes.

Watch the premiere of “Supergirl” on Monday, October 10th on CW at 8P.M. ET

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