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‘Supergirl 2′ Cancelled? CBS Planning To Sell To CW?

‘Supergirl 2′ Cancelled? CBS Planning To Sell To CW?
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‘Supergirl 2′ Cancelled? CBS Planning To Sell To CW?

With the not-so-good ratings generated by the super heroine’s show on CBS, has management already decided to officially cancel “Supergirl 2”?

Based on the report of TV By The Numbers, it can be observed that the show has been given a rating equivalent to “likely to be renewed by May 2016.”

Since May has only started, fans may need to wait until the last week of the month for the network to finally announce a decision.

As explained by the site, the ratings of the show, starring Melissa Benoit, may not have lived up to the management’s expectation.

“A strong start quickly faded away, and a bit of momentum in the winter likewise dissipated by spring into a string of episodes with ratings in the low 1s,” it explained about the rumored cancellation of “Supergirl 2.”

It was, however, pointed out that it may not “matter much,” considering that it is still the network’s top-rated series among its contemporary in the freshman drama category “by a decent margin.”

Meanwhile, International Business Times reported that the 7.68 million estimated viewers during the entire run of the first season gave the show a rating that can never be regarded as “amazing,” but it is not that bad, either.

Accordingly, “Supergirl 2” is the only DC Comics set to be renewed in CBS. With this scenario, could it be true that the network is selling it to CW?

The Wrap reported that CBS head Leslie Moonves is currently in “deep talks” with Warner Bros. relative to what fate awaits the comic book series.

While the network would like to have it with them again, the report claimed that there is a problem that needs to be addressed first.

Some insiders reportedly claimed that the roughly $3 million price set per episode for CBS to broadcast “Supergirl 2” seemed unjustifiable, considering its ratings.

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