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Superbugs Could Kill 20 People Per Minute By 2050

Superbugs Could Kill 20 People Per Minute By 2050
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Superbugs Could Kill 20 People Per Minute By 2050

Without drastic measures taken to address the worsening issue of antibiotic-resistant viruses and bacteria, at least 20 people would die every minute, or one every three seconds, come year 2050. The culprit? Superbugs.

This was the gist of a comprehensive study called the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance conducted in 2014 and was recently released last week. The study highlights the terror that could be caused if the world enters an era where antibiotics no longer works, and microbes such as viruses and bacteria have developed resistance to once-effective medicines.

According to the report, a so-called “superbug” is causing concern in the medical field across the world after it developed resistance to anti-biotic medications that were previously effective in killing them. The report noted that today, the same superbug is responsible for at least 70,000 deaths, the CNN reported.

But experts believe there are still things people all over the world, including health professionals and researchers, as well as the public, could do to ensure their safety. This includes massive awareness on the proper use of prescription antibiotics. Enough funds to support research about the issue is vital in fighting this issue.

“The real implications of spreading drug resistance will be felt the world over, with developing countries and large emerging nations bearing the brunt of this problem. Routine surgeries and minor infections will become life- threatening once again and the hard won victories against infectious diseases of the last fifty years will be jeopardized. Hospital stays and expenses, for both public health care providers and for out of –pocket payers will increase significantly,” an excerpt of the study reads.

The study notes that the issue of drug-resistant microbes has already reached the U.S. and Europe where approximately 50,000 individuals die of microbes that developed resistance to previously effective medicines used to kill them.

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