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Super Bowl ‘Is Boring’ For Beyonce’s Daughter, Blue Ivy

Super Bowl ‘Is Boring’ For Beyonce’s Daughter, Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy and Jay Z at Super Bowl Instagram

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Super Bowl ‘Is Boring’ For Beyonce’s Daughter, Blue Ivy

On Monday, the 34 year old singer-songwriter Beyonce took to Instagram to share her daughter’s experience at the Super Bowl this year. From the look of it, the 4 year old girl was not having a good time.

In a series of Instagram posts, Beyonce posted photos of Blue Ivy as she watches the Super Bowl with them. Blue Ivy posed with her dad in one picture. Jay Z was holding a Super Bowl trophy and Blue Ivy was standing next to him. Her reaction though was like saying Super Bowl “is no big deal.” In her second post, Blue Ivy had already fallen asleep in her mother’s arms while there were still lots of happening around them.

The little Queen Bey may not have a good time during the Super Bowl, but no doubt she was the proudest little girl in the room when her mother had a surprise performance at her very own elementary school during its 75th anniversary gala. As reported by ET Online, Beyonce performed “Crazy In Love” and the cover of Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You.”

Four years ago, Queen Bey made a public announcement about her pregnancy during a performance at the MTV Video Movie Awards in 2011. As noted by Glamour Magazine, Blue Ivy became an instant celebrity at that very moment even before she was born.

Blue Ivy was born naturally at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York on January 7, 2012. The celebrities’ baby’s middle name, Ivy, is thought to be in reference to the parent’s love of the number four. The celebrity couple have a matching tattoos of the roman numeral for four – IV – on their wedding fingers. And as for the name Blue, Jay-Z has a trilogy of studio albums with the word blue in the title.

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