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Super Bowl 50: Veteran Manning Vs MVP Cam Newton, The Battle For Glory

Super Bowl 50: Veteran Manning Vs MVP Cam Newton, The Battle For Glory


Super Bowl 50: Veteran Manning Vs MVP Cam Newton, The Battle For Glory

And the countdown has begun. 200 million spectators will switch on their televisions to watch the historic battle for glory. We will have to wait for few more hours to watch who finally clinches the Lombardi Trophy by winning the Super Bowl 50. Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers? Veteran Peyton Manning adds another feather to his crown or recently crowned MVP Cam Newton emerges derails him to win the Super Bowl?

So, all eyes focused on Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Lots of bets, many speculations and experts picking their favorites. Glittering half-time show featuring British bands Coldplay and Beyonce and Coke Teaming up with Marvel for a specially crafted commercial Captain America: Civil War, as reported by Morning News USA earlier. Lots of drama await off the field.

And on lush green meadows, it’s Peyton Manning Vs Cam Newton. An aging veteran at the fag end of his illustrious career challenged by the rising sun of the league, MVP Cam Newton. The focal point of the historic 50th Super Bowl is two outstanding quarterbacks, with a age difference of 13 years, lock horns to lead their respective sides to glory.

Will Manning retire after Super Bowl 50? The 39-year-old superstar stands at the threshold of a record. If he guides to Broncos to the title, Manning will be the oldest QB to win a Super Bowl. John Elway brought Manning to Denver, and ironically Manning is set to break his record on Sunday, if the Broncos win, as reported by RTE Sport. Broncos current headcoach Gary Kubiak was also enticed by Elway. A title makes Kubiak, the first man to win the Super Bowl both as player and headcoach with the same team.

His challenger, young and explosive Cam Newton is the man behind the Panthers’ rise this season. In his fifth NFL season, the Super Bowl marks the beginning of the story of his glorious career.

And St Luis Rams’ Kurt Warner’s record awaits Newton. If he goes all the way to clinch the Super Bowl after being crowned MVP, the Panthers’ QB becomes the first man to do so since Warner achieved this feat in 1999.

Only in the second time in history of NFL, that a team ranked No 1 in offense is challenged by a team No 1 in defense in a Super Bowl. Denver’s defense is a good omen this time, as with the best offense they were destroyed by Seattle Seahawks back in Super Bowl XLVIII. And for the first time, two QBs, both first overall draft picks are lock horns to lead their respective offenses.

Well, Newton plays like a super hero, tearing his shirt open during a touchdown celebrations as he keeps leading the side with best offense in this edition of the league. Containing the MVP is the biggest challenge the best defense of NFL faces on Sunday night.

Denver succeeded against Tom Brady in the AFC championship game. Would their tricks work against Cam Newton? Well, Newton is freak indeed.

“He’s throwing the ball amazing right now and you know what he can do with his legs. He’s the best of both worlds and probably the most dangerous quarter-back in the NFL right now,” said Broncos corner-back Aqib Talib,according to ABC News.

Conservatives like Donald Trump or Manny Pacquiao stuck to Manning as favorites, while Tim Bradly picked Newton as the new star, while predicting Manning’s retirement. Now, predictions may not work in the high-voltage Super Bowl 50. It will play its own muse!

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