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Super Bowl 50: Panthers Will Win 24-17, Says Stephen Curry

Super Bowl 50: Panthers Will Win 24-17, Says Stephen Curry
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Super Bowl 50: Panthers Will Win 24-17, Says Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry says Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl 50 by a 24-17 margin over Denver Broncos. So confident is Curry, he’s willing to stick his neck out.

If you’re a lover of sports, next weekend presents an absolute treat. On Saturday, the Golden State Warriors host the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Oracle Arena. A day later, it’s Super Bowl 50 between Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

Curry, who grew up in Charlotte, is a vocal supporter of the Panthers. Luckily for Curry, the Bay Area plays host to Super Bowl 50, giving him enough time to catch his Panthers’ shot at history.

Say the Super Bowl was being staged in the East Coast, Curry wouldn’t have made it to the big game. Unless he took an overnight chopper. For Curry, it seems like the stars have aligned perfectly.

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Many reckon that Russell Westbrook is the only point guard capable of stopping Curry. Similarly, many feel that Denver Broncos’ lockdown defense is the only way to curtail Cam Newton.

Regardless of how things turn out, sports fans are in for delightful weekend. But Curry doesn’t have the luxury to just “enjoy” the games. He’s only concerned about the W.

“It will be a good 48 hours, a win and a win,” the reigning NBA MVP said Thursday at a news conference to announce the naming-rights deal for the Golden State Warriors’ new arena.

What’s more? Curry was willing to stick his neck out and predict the final Super Bowl score. “It’ll be 24-17 to the Panthers.” Is he that confident?  “Hold me to it,” said a confident Curry.

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The 42-4 Warriors are threatening to supersede the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls who finished with a 72-10 record. The Warriors need to win 31 of their remaining 35 games to break Chicago’s record.

Some reckon, Stephen Curry is becoming an assassin. His body language and confidence level are comparable to the heydays of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

With a week to go, stay tuned for all the Super 50 coverage.

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