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Super Bowl 50: Don’t Buy A New TV, CBS Not Offering Ultra HD

Super Bowl 50: Don’t Buy A New TV, CBS Not Offering Ultra HD
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Super Bowl 50: Don’t Buy A New TV, CBS Not Offering Ultra HD

Were you planning to invest in a cutting-edge television set to watch Super Bowl 50? Don’t. CBS is not offering Ultra HD/4K coverage for the big game!

Were you planning to invest in a cutting edge television set to watch Super Bowl 50? Don’t.

CBS, the broadcasters, are not offering 4K/Ultra HD resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) playback. This is disappointing news for fans who were hoping to watch the biggest annual sporting phenomenon with a wider color gamut.

Last year’s Super Bowl was witnessed by an estimated 114.4 million viewers, with almost 50% homes in America tuning in. The figure doesn’t include public venues such as sports bars and clubs, therefore the actual number of viewers is likely to be substantially higher.

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This year’s game is special on a number of counts: 1) It’s the 50th anniversary, 2) It will be America’s chance to bid goodbye to the iconic Peyton Manning, and 3) The Panthers could make history.

When you consider the aforementioned factors, it’s obvious that the viewership numbers are going to skyrocket even further. Shouldn’t CBS have invested more on their production costs – to incorporate the very latest and greatest technologies the AV world has to offer?

Stuck with regular HD!

This is not to undermine regular HD coverage. But let’s be honest here: 4K TVs have been in the market since 2012. And there is a discernible difference between Regular HD and Ultra HD. Not just a minor difference!

At the beginning of last year, almost every key TV manufacturer started offering major discounts on 4K TVs. So, it’s not that there is a major price difference between a normal HD TV and a 4K TV.

According to industry analysts Parks Associates, 330 million 4K UHD TVs will have been sold worldwide by the end of 2019. By 2020, almost every TV set in California and New York will be 4K compatible.

So why haven’t CBS and the NFL done something to enhance the viewer coverage? It’s baffling, to say the least. The 2014 FIFA World Cup set a benchmark with Ultra HD coverage. In fact, even NBA TV and the NFL Network caters to Ultra HD coverage (when streamed from a device to the TV).

Stay tuned for latest Super Bowl 50 news.

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