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Super Bowl 50: Beyonce Slams Pregnancy Rumors, Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson

Super Bowl 50: Beyonce Slams Pregnancy Rumors, Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson
Beyonce at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show from YouTube

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Super Bowl 50: Beyonce Slams Pregnancy Rumors, Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson

Beyonce is NOT pregnant. Aside from announcing a tour, the Queen wowed the Super Bowl 50 audience with a throwback Michael Jackson outfit.

Who said Beyonce wasn’t the main deal at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show? Yeah, maybe Coldplay was the official halftime band, but no one overpowers the Queen. The halftime performance on Sunday climaxed with a loud bang, a sign that Queen Bey has arrived and ready to send vibrations from the center field to the bleachers.

Aside from her explosive entrance, the crowd somehow experienced a deja vu in Beyonce’s Super Bowl outfit. Was it just us missing Michael Jackson, or did Beyonce intentionally relive the King of Pop’s aura for the special event?

Although Beyonce was only an invited guest performer for Coldplay on the halftime show, she can’t help but steal the spotlight as she subtly paid tribute to Michael Jackson in her Super Bowl performance. It was a throwback moment for MJ’s 1993 Super Bowl performance. However, what Beyonce really did at the Levi’s Stadium was officially launch her latest single “Formation,” a song made for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Beyonce’s black leather outfit looks close to that of Michael Jackson’s in his Super Bowl XXVII performance. Beyonce’s sexy bodysuit was designed by Dean and Dan Caten of the Dsquared2. According to Dan, they wanted something for Beyonce that would make her look like a warrior. “We love Beyonce and wanted to create something where she resembles a warrior leading her female posse who fall into formation and take Super Bowl 50 at half-time!” Telegraph reports.

Queen Bey’s “Formation” dancers wore an outfit inspired by the Black Panther, the first black superhero in American comics history, its name derived from the Black Panther Party, a black nationalist and socialist organization that forwards the rights of African-Americans in the mid 60’s.

Also, during the performance, the group formed an X on the field, to which people assumed was a salute to Malcolm X, though they also formed different football symbols. Their Super Bowl 50 performance was full of power and statement in favor of the normally discriminated people of color around the world.

On the other hand, following a minute performance slip, Queen B announced plans for a “Formation” tour, thus indirectly slamming pregnancy rumors, says Hollywood Life. How can a pregnant B live up to a tour if each performance will be as intense as it was at the Super Bowl 50?

For the past weeks, Bey was assumed to have a bun cooking in the oven because of a “baby bump” sighting. Well, maybe Blue Ivy’s mother still has her “post-baby bump,” but hey, who else in the world can do what Beyonce does with or without insignificant tummy bulge?

Bey has shown what she purposefully meant to at the Super Bowl and will continue doing it through her music. If in case she decides on having Blue Ivy number 2, it shouldn’t be a problem, and for sure, she’ll let her fans know.

Who can’t wait for “Formation” tour details? Well, here it is, fresh from the Queen’s Instagram:

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