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Sunpartner Technologies: On Smart Glass, WYSIPS & Working Demo Kyocera Phone

Sunpartner Technologies: On Smart Glass, WYSIPS & Working Demo Kyocera Phone
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Sunpartner Technologies: On Smart Glass, WYSIPS & Working Demo Kyocera Phone

Problems on charging and battery life have increased alongside rampant smartphone use. It is not surprising that chargers and super capacity batteries has been produced one after the other. However on the side there is also a growing awareness on the effects it can do to the earth. Enter this smart glass by Sunpartner Technologies that is said to be capable of charging a mobile phone though the use of sunlight.

The concept of using sunlight to charge a phone is not a foreign one. In fact, solar charging has been around for a couple of years already. However, it is far from perfect and is, as of now, still one of the technologies that are being developed, studied, and improved. One company is trying to incorporate the solar panel idea into the smartphone display with their latest range of products.

The company behind this idea is the France-based Sunpartner Technologies. The firm is focused on the development of high photovoltaic surfaces – WYSIPS products.  WYSIPS crystal is a specific adaptation of the technology for use with emissive displays. Cells that are known as amorphous silicon photovoltaic are then incorporated into a window, reports Electronics Weekly.

The window should be ultra-thin and is less than 0.58mm and has a semi-transparent surface that can absorb light from both the sun and the screen below it. For the France based company to achieve a semi-transparent surface while maximizing the photovoltaic performance, it uses “lenticular” imaging. Lenticular imaging is a technique that is commonly encountered in some modern 3D displays that enables viewers to see different images depending on the viewing angle they are in.

If they do succeed with this concept, then it would be the first phone that is solar charged through its display. And the phone concept will be seen in the near future, as it was just this February at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress, that the company has unveiled that it has partnered with Japan based company Kyocera and produced a prototype Kyocera smartphone.

The prototype phone features a non-invasive WYSIPS Crystal surface on a 5-inch LCD display. The phone, according to the Sunpartner Technologies site, is a functional working demo phone. It is designed for outdoor activities like trekking and doing sports, as well as working on construction sites. Because of this, the design of the phone includes a ruggedized, waterproof and drop-proof feature.

Through the WYSIPS Crystal that is added to the phone, it is able to create its own perpetual energy reserves, which in turn, produce electricity by capturing ambient light. With this new technology, the French company is saying that users will be able to continue using their devices and access essential applications even when far from a standard power source or in times of electrical blackout. It was also reported by Electronics Weekly that the France based company has also announced partnership with Vector, a London based smartwatch manufacturer who is known for its 30 days battery life.

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