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‘Sultan’ Eid Release: Salman Khan May Break Shahrukh Khan’s Box Office Records

‘Sultan’ Eid Release: Salman Khan May Break Shahrukh Khan’s Box Office Records
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‘Sultan’ Eid Release: Salman Khan May Break Shahrukh Khan’s Box Office Records

Only Salman Khan has the unflinching ability to take down Shahrukh Khan’s box office records! Will he be able to do the same this time with his upcoming movie release “Sultan”?

It’s time for the battle of the Khans again! As one of the major festivals in India, Eid, comes knocking at the door, Salman Khan fans wait with bated breath to see how one of the most anticipated Bollywood movies of 2016 performs at the box office.

“Sultan” is the story of a wrestler (Salman Khan), who achieves great success in his career, only to stumble at the peak due to personal and professional problems. At the age of 50, he struggles to makes a comeback and regains his successful streak again.

Salman Khan has not disappointed so far, with most of his movies such as “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”, “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, “Jai Ho”, “Kick” and “Dabangg” all grossing more than 100 crores or 10 billion each, at the box office.

However, Shahrukh Khan’s “Happy New Year” made an eye-popping 379 crores worldwide, making box office history back in 2014, reports Times Of India. One of the reasons attributed to its unprecedented success apart from an impressive star cast was the fact that it was released around the Diwali festival when people could enjoy the films with their families.

Similar advantage has been extended to Salman Khan’s “Sultan” this year, which means that there is no reason for it not to catch up to Shahrukh’s box office success or even beat it.

According to The Indian Express, Taran Adarsh, a trade analyst states, “Salman Khan + Yash Raj Films + Eid release… it can’t get bigger than that. Over the years, Salman’s box office status has multiplied manifold and every film of his generates tremendous curiosity.”

However, the advance bookings for the movie is currently not going as planned since most people are waiting to find out when exactly the Eid ceremony is supposed to be carried out, reports The factors of astrology and astronomy come into play when determining the exact date of this Muslim festival, which is supposed to fall somewhere between 7th and 8th July.

However, Komal Nahta, another trade expert, is positive that despite the slow sales, “Sultan” has every chance of breaking all records when it comes to box office collection. There are all chances of it being Salman’s biggest ever. At least one of his biggest for sure. Music, craze, dialogues, trailers… Everything is highly talked about. Box office history is waiting to be rewritten,” he said.

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