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Suits Season 6 Spoilers, Reports, Air Date: Mike, Rachel Wedding Coming Soon

Suits Season 6 Spoilers, Reports, Air Date: Mike, Rachel Wedding Coming Soon
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Suits Season 6 Spoilers, Reports, Air Date: Mike, Rachel Wedding Coming Soon

Suits is returning this winter on USA Network. The lull period has left its viewers baffled with all the happenings. Get ready for Suits Season 6 spoilers!

The network released a preview of what is cooking up in this season and we are all dying to finally unravel the next stories. For Seasons 4 and 5, the show’s mid season debut was released during the last week of January.

For the next episodes, everyone has been shipping Harvey and Donna since their love for each other is simply outstanding but the church wedding bells and white doves seem to root for Rachel and Mike.

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Rachel has braved the storm with Mike since he got arrested and now, since Mike just got out of prison, maybe the two are too giddy to have considered abrupt wedding right before he began the sentence.

Perhaps, there has been a rumor that Rachel might be pregnant with Mike’s child. Remember their sensual scene last season? Is this a sign? We better not jump into conclusions.

While the exact date of the release is yet to be announced, Aaron Korsh (series creator) has given us a few snippets of the come back episode, as reported by International Business Times.

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“I think the first episode back is a little surprising,” “Let me rephrase that. It’s both what you would expect and also, a little surprising.” Korsh says.

Harvey and Louis are both expected to run Pearson Specter Litt after Jessica left in the summer finale. Korsh added that both will behave as expected though they “have little dashes of things” that fans wouldn’t expect.

Korsh states that, “At the end of that episode, Donna, as you would expect, a little bit steps in and basically lays out a plan of what needs to be done for these two to get along, and hopefully, that plan will work.”

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