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‘Suicide Squad’s’ Harley Quinn A ‘Pokemon GO’ Addict?

‘Suicide Squad’s’ Harley Quinn A ‘Pokemon GO’ Addict?
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‘Suicide Squad’s’ Harley Quinn A ‘Pokemon GO’ Addict?

Even the “Suicide Squad’s” Harley Quinn hasn’t been spared from the “Pokemon GO” craze.

Yes, Joker’s protégé and lover has become addicted to the augmented-reality game that has caught the world by storm since its release a month ago.

Others might think that this is a publicity stunt by DC Comics. But writer Rob Williams and artist Jim Lee are dead serious in showing that even a psychotic, anti-social hero can also be smitten by these lovable “pocket monsters.”

In “Suicide Squad” #1, the lady jester pulls out her smartphone thousands of feet above the atmosphere to catch a rare Pokemon.

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The love affair of the “Suicide Squad’s” Harley Quinn with “Pokemon GO” is just an example of the how AR mobile app has invaded pop culture in such a short period.

“One of the ‘benefits’ of working up to the wire (and I say that euphemistically) is that you have opportunities to include timely references to real life trends in a comic,” Lee told IGN in an interview.

The Korean-American comic book artist explained that the decision to associate one of the super villain’s group’s deadliest members with a game whose goal is to go after cute anime-inspired characters was intentional on their part.

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“We wanted each character doing something in character, showcasing how out of touch each Squad member was from the gravity of the situation they are in,” Lee shared. He added that the pop culture reference was, in a way, a social commentary on the part of the ‘Suicide Squad’s creators.

“As far as the Pokecutey, I thought it would be funny to showcase an ultra-rare digital collectible and how powerful and distracting games like that are, even if you are about freefall drop from low orbit down into the Arctic!” Lee declared.

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Comic Book agrees that even the “Suicide Squad’s” Harley Quinn can take a quick time out from the group’s life-threatening missions to spend time with Pikachu and Bulbasaur.

“Oooh, There’s a Pokecutey up here!” the comic review site quoted Harley Quinn as saying in the DC comic episode, as she was about to plummet thousands of feet into the atmosphere.

This just shows that even the “Suicide Squad’s” Harley Quinn can literally fall for “Pokemon GO” and when the time comes, tell the Joker to his face: “Leave me alone with my cuties!”

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