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‘Suicide Squad’ Reviews: Fans Signing Petition Against ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ For ‘Unjust’ Movie Criticism

‘Suicide Squad’ Reviews: Fans Signing Petition Against ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ For ‘Unjust’ Movie Criticism
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‘Suicide Squad’ Reviews: Fans Signing Petition Against ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ For ‘Unjust’ Movie Criticism

Due to unfavorable Suicide Squad reviews, more fans are signing a petition to shut down review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. The petition has already gathered 15,000 signatures on its first day alone.

This comes as reviews not only for the villain-centric film, but other DC Extended Universe films received bad raps on the site. Earlier films such as Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice received negative reviews despite performing well in the box office.

Negative Suicide Squad Reviews The Final Straw?

According to Comicbook, a lot of the signatures are likely due to the heavy media coverage the petition has gotten. Despite the majority of the coverage it has received aimed at ridiculing it, they have had very little effect overall.

The website collects the reviews of critics that meet their requirements. They then convert it to a simple “Fresh or Rotten” rating based on the number of “Fresh” reviews.

Despite the fact that the Suicide Squad reviews are compilation of reviews from different critics, the negative feedback are enough to launch a petition. As of August 4, the petition on is only 7,000 signatures short of the 25,000 goal.

Many DC Extended Universe fans believe that the website is conspiring with other film studios, particularly Disney. Disney owns the rights to Marvel, DC’s direct competitor.

The negative reviews are meant to condition moviegoers to decide against watching DC-comic based films. While there are few facts to support this, it has been the prevalent argument among the like-minded fan base.

A more reasonable argument is that Rotten Tomatoes tends to be more conservative on its reviews. Preferring, more “traditional” films and not get caught into the comicbook-inspired film trend.

In conclusion, it is unlikely that Rotten Tomatoes will be shut down due to negative Suicide Squad reviews. While fans may take “revenge” such as submitting a petition, a movie ticket is still worth more to the filmmakers than a critic’s opinion.

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