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Watch: Torture Video Behind ‘Suicide Squad’ Star Transformation Into Killer Croc

Watch: Torture Video Behind ‘Suicide Squad’ Star Transformation Into Killer Croc
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Watch: Torture Video Behind ‘Suicide Squad’ Star Transformation Into Killer Croc

For Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, someone who started his career off as a model, becoming Killer Croc is no easy task. He shared that to prepare for the role, he had to undergo a torture he devised on his own.

Killer Croc is a complex character — he killed his own aunt and devoted his life to crime, but ended doing good with “Suicide Squad” members. To take on the role takes some mindset.

Speaking with Complex magazine, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, knew he had to do a lot of preparations. Apart from undergoing five hours of makeup a day to look like Killer Croc, he had to take inspiration from a real-life cannibal.

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“There was also a note from the director that he was a real cannibal. So I did a lot of research on that: I found the confessions of a real-life cannibal by the name of Issei Sagawa, a Japanese cannibal,” he explained.

“I would play [a recording of Sagawa’s confessions] at least 15 times a day. Anytime I was going to set, I would play that and it would put me in this very dark mindset to the horror of my prosthetics team who also had to endure listening to that for five hours,” he detailed.

His response  on the interview not only made fans feel in awe of his dedication but also interested on who Issei Sagawa is and what “disturbing” video he is talking about.

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A search revealed the documentary. Those who have the guts to watch it can play the video below. Uploaded by Deep Web Elites on Facebook, there was a lengthy caption that revealed what viewers can expect.

“What drives a man to kill and cannibalize an innocent woman? Well, why not ask such a man… in his own living room? ‘Interview with a Cannibal’ does just that, with the infamous case of Issei Sagawa—propelled to fame through his crimes, he was deemed insane by the courts and thus released without charge,” the caption reads.

“A fascinating insight into the life of a man lost in his own fantasies, this documentary challenges perceptions about what humans are truly capable of—as well as allowing us to understand the path one must take to reside where he now sits,” the cpation added.

Watch it if you dare!

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