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Suicide Squad: New End Credit Hints Extended Cut For Blu-Ray Watch ‘Heathens’ By Twenty One Pilots

Suicide Squad: New End Credit Hints Extended Cut For Blu-Ray Watch ‘Heathens’ By Twenty One Pilots
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Suicide Squad: New End Credit Hints Extended Cut For Blu-Ray Watch ‘Heathens’ By Twenty One Pilots

Warner Bros. will be releasing the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD versions of Suicide Squad by the end of the year. However, fans are expecting the studio to reveal details on the extras added prior to its official release.

Recently, a never-before-seen clip from Suicide Squad was shared on Reddit. The footage is the new end credits from the film featuring a “New Versions of Heathens by twenty one pilots.”

Some fans believe the clip is Warner Bros.’ way of hinting an unedited version to be released via Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. However, the studio hasn’t confirmed the release of footage removed from the theatrical cut.

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Since Suicide Squad movie hit theaters, fans have been clamoring for a release of the director’s cut. However, David Ayer revealed that the theatrical print was his version of the movie from start.

Previously, Warner Bros. edited 30 minutes of footage from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from the theatrical print. However, the studio later decided to release the director’s version of the title, and it eventually received positive reviews from a large part of the audience.

If Warner Bros. doesn’t plan on releasing an Ultimate Edition for Suicide Squad, fans are still expecting the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD to contain the deleted scenes of The Joker and Harley Quinn as extras. Fortunately, fans will find out soon as it will be released on November.

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Amazon and other websites have already started sharing details on limited edition copies for Blu-ray as well. Fans can click here to know more.

According to Forbes, Suicide Squad made its exit from the top 10 earnings at box office earlier this week after it lost the 10th spot to Snowden.

Suicide Squad End Credits (New Version of Heathens by twenty one pilots) from DC_Cinematic

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