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Suicide Squad Movie Spoilers: DC Supervillain Deathstroke Teased

Suicide Squad Movie Spoilers: DC Supervillain Deathstroke Teased
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Suicide Squad Movie Spoilers: DC Supervillain Deathstroke Teased

It looks like David Ayer’s Suicide Squad contains more twists than what fans expected. Critics and DC fans that were part of the early screening team have already started to blurt out vague details from the movie.

Recently, Umberto Gonzalez tweeted a picture of a fictional character from DC Comics. The journalist revealed the image of Deathstroke, teasing fans to expect him in Suicide Squad or an upcoming DC film.

Deathstroke a.k.a Slade Wilson is known to be a mercenary and an assassin in DC Universe. The fictional character is a dangerous super villain, as he is also known for beating Batman to the pulp.

Deathstroke character was also portrayed by Manu Bennett in TV series Arrow. Slade Wilson was the main supervillain fought by the vigilante in season 2. Deathstroke was previously rumored to have been cast in Suicide Squad movie. Speculations suggested that Scott Eastwood was to take up the role as Slade Wilson.

Currently, Eastwood goes by as Lieutenant GQ Edwards in Suicide Squad movie. If true, fans are also hoping it to be revealed during the post credit scene in Suicide Squad.

Earlier, Gonzalez also shared his reaction after the early screening of the movie. He tweeted a cryptic message by posting the famous chilling laugh of The Joker. Since then, other critics have considered the movie to be a success from the director as well as the main cast.

Suicide Squad movie will be releasing on August 5th, 2016. The Flash has also been confirmed to have a cameo in the movie. However, Ben Affleck’s Batman has been excluded from the credits.

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