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‘Suicide Squad’ Movie News: Review Embargo Dates Changed? Jared Leto As Joker Photo Released!

‘Suicide Squad’ Movie News: Review Embargo Dates Changed? Jared Leto As Joker Photo Released!
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‘Suicide Squad’ Movie News: Review Embargo Dates Changed? Jared Leto As Joker Photo Released!

Earlier last week, Warner Bros. screened the upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie to selected critics and DC fans. While the film has already been revealed to be a success, some part of the audience is still expecting a detailed review and breakdown.

Currently, reviews for “Suicide Squad” movie is under embargo on request by Warner Bros. However, some critics and ignorant DC fans have already given us a glimpse at the movie in their brief early reviews via social media.

It was officially confirmed that Warner Bros. will lift the embargo for “Suicide Squad” on Tuesday 9 pm PST. But recently there were speculations that it has been delayed by the studio.

Rene Rodriguez from Miami Herald also tweeted earlier that review embargo lift for “Suicide Squad” was “pushed to 12:01 am Wednesday.”

While fans drowned in disappointment, Mark Hughes clarified in his recent tweet that the dates for embargo lift remain unchanged. Furthermore, Rodriguez also clarified his statement, apologizing that he “read the original embargo wrong.”

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Fans on twitter have been outraged for the misinformation. However, they are also relieved to hear the good news.

Since the early screening, most of the DC fans have been a victim to minor spoilers from “Suicide Squad” movie. A mysterious DC Supervillain has already been hinted to appear in the post-credit scene. Furthermore, a new cameo of a member from Justice League was also confirmed for the movie.

Recently, the 44-year-old actor Jared Leto himself released a new image of The Joker on the “Suicide Squad.” The Oscar-winning actor uploaded an image of the supervillain in purple coat on Instagram. Check it out below.

“Suicide Squad” will be releasing on August 5th, 2016. Fans can expect their full analysis for the movie on Tuesday.

Here's another new one 💚🐊🍏🐍🌲🌵@suicidesquadmovie #joker

A post shared by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on

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