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‘Suicide Squad’ Movie: Director David Ayer Cursed Marvel, New El Diablo Photo Released

‘Suicide Squad’ Movie: Director David Ayer Cursed Marvel, New El Diablo Photo Released
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‘Suicide Squad’ Movie: Director David Ayer Cursed Marvel, New El Diablo Photo Released

At the world premiere of “Suicide Squad,” fans went wild to witness the early screening of the movie. However, it looks like Director David Ayer was also lost in the enthusiasm of his film’s success.

As most of the audience are unaware, it has been revealed that David Ayer was caught saying “F*ck Marvel” at the world premiere. Although Marvel actors have also dissed DC Comics before, the Suicide Squad director decided to apologize for his remark.

In his recent tweet, David Ayer said that he was “caught up in the moment” as he shouted profanity. He also said that it was “Not cool” and conveyed “Respect for my brother filmmakers.”

Some DC and Marvel fans are caught in a crossfire battle in twitter. While most of the users are appreciating Ayer for his mature response, some are suggesting him to delete the post.

A new image from “Suicide Squad” movie was also recently spotted. It seems to be a scene where Harley Quinn and El Diablo are interacting.

Earlier this last month, Margot Robbie also revealed in an interview that Harley Quinn would bash Captain America’s head if she had the chance. Ironically, few Marvel fans also supported her due to Marvel’s twist in revealing Steve Rogers as Hydra Agent.

Warner Bros. also released a new extended TV spot for “Suicide Squad.” The footage reveals new scenes of Batman, Killer Croc and others caught in an intense moment.

“Suicide Squad” will be released on August 5th, 2016. The studio has also finished its early screening of the movie. but most of the fans are avoiding the social media as some troll users are posting potential spoilers.

New pic maybe? from DC_Cinematic

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