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Suicide Squad: Katana Still Image, Trailer, Will Smith on Deathshot and More

Suicide Squad: Katana Still Image, Trailer, Will Smith on Deathshot and More
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Suicide Squad: Katana Still Image, Trailer, Will Smith on Deathshot and More

Since the Suicide Squad members appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s cover, the movie’s expectation has grown a notch higher. Director David Ayer also spoke about the pressure due its growing hype in his interview. Although the movie is still a month away from us, we got our hands on new content.

As of now Jared Leto’s Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn appearance in Suicide Squad would probably be the conversation material amongst DCEU fans. But Katana and Deathshot are no lesser than them.

In support to the claim, we came across a new still of Katana from Suicide Squad movie. The image reveals Karen fukuhara in her samurai outfit with sarashi, holding her Katana. It appears to be from an action sequence judging the flame behind her. You can check out the image below.

We were also able to confirm that Katana is in fact one of the leaders in Suicide Squad along with Rick Flag.  Earlier this month, Karen fukuhara also appeared on Playboy issue and spoke about her character’s portrayal in the movie.

During EW’s exclusive cover story, Will Smith also spoke about his character Deathshot in Suicide Squad movie and shared details on his attitude.  He said, “I had never played a character that legitimately didn’t give a f—, It’s very freeing not having to carry the moral spine of the movie.”  Director David Ayer also talked about Smith’s Deadshot portrayal, saying that he is “so proud of what he did.”

In other news, we came across a new international trailer of Suicide Squad. The footage reveals the Eyes of the Adversary in action and various new scenes. You can check it out below.

Suicide Squad movie will be releasing on August 5th, 2016. The team will also be making their appearance at San Diego Comic-con.

New photo of Katana from DC_Cinematic

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